An Update on… “The Apple Privacy Update”

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With the upcoming release of Apple’s new Operating System and (another) Apple privacy controversy in the news this week, we thought it was a good time to bring this article back. 😜

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The Value of the Social Proof Phenomenon

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The Social Proof Phenomenon is a foundation piece of how our culture buys now. Between Instagram Influencers, Yelp reviews, and 5 star Amazon products, most of us make purchase decisions on the value others see in the product. How can Social Proof and online reviews work for you?

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What tasks are the best use of your time?

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It can be easy as an entrepreneur to try and wear all the hats yourself. We get that. It takes a lot of moving parts and a variety of skills to grow a business. However, there’s a lot of things that aren’t, uh, necessarily in your wheelhouse that can suck up a lot of time and effort. It’s important to know what is the most effective use of your time. Delegation or farming out tasks can free up your time so you can focus on the things you need to do to grow your business.

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Get the most out of Instagram – How?

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Instagram can be a confusing and overwhelming beast. It has its own constantly changing algorithm and culture that separates it from any other social media. Getting Instagram to work for you takes time, effort, insight, and unfortunately: intuition. What do you need to get the most out of Instagram?

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What Can Your Team Do Stay Productive?

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When working as part of a team, how we work alone as well as how we work together contributes to productivity and efficiency. When employees are stressed or exhausted, engagement and productivity dip and the whole company can feel the effects.
So, what can you as an individual and you as a team do to stay productive?

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4 Things You Need To Do To Market To Those Under 25

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Do you ever read a statistic that just messes with your head? For example, I recently read that by 2022, 41% of the world’s population will be under 25. Which is crazy!! And creates an interesting marketing challenge. How can you effectively market to a generation who has grown up online and is constantly inundated with content and advertising?

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Why Do You Need a Website?

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Only 64% of small business have their own website. While the majority, it’s a smaller number than expected. Of the that left over 36%, most use social media instead of a website. Here are three reasons to have a website:

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Is Zoom Burnout a Thing?

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We’ve all felt it. That mental and physical weariness that comes from too long of a conference call. For many of us, video conferencing is the only way to see our loved ones, so we should be happy to spend time with them, right? What are some reasons this could be happening?

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Put a Stop to WFH Anxiety

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If you are feeling extra stressed at work, you are not alone. The thought of actually dealing with corona virus, is stressful. 64% of Americans polled in a March survey by the Economist/YouGov said that they were “very” or “somewhat” worried about getting the virus themselves. Adding in changes in your routine and working from home, it understandable why you can feel a little off at work.

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How To Avoid Corona Virus Marketing Faux Pas

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In a lot of ways, it’s business as usual. Except for it isn’t. The world has changed drastically in a matter of months and not adjusting your marketing strategy to reflect that can feel insensitive. So, what can you do to avoid any Corona marketing faux pas?

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