The Nine Types of Video Your Marketing NEEDS

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Did you know that are NINE types of videos your business needs? Gone are the days when the only video advertising was television commercials. Now, video is ever-present in our lives. For example, over 2 BILLION users log into YouTube every month. Just like any other tool available, as a business, your brand is going to need different things from different types of videos. Are you using all the kinds of video?

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Is the WFH Experiment Working?

  • In: Business, Weekly Vibes, WFH

For a very long time, a big flashy office was a way for companies to show how important and respectable they really were. For many companies, it was not logistically feasible to invest in real estate and virtual infrastructure. Now, the faster companies have adapted to a WFH infrastructure the better they are doing.

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Three Things That Are On Our Ditch List

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In a post-corona virus world, it’s hard to imagine going back to some things. Like shaking hands as a customary greeting. Or eating any communal food.

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