Cool Covid Ads?

  • In: Design Trends, Weekly Vibes

Four months in, Corona Virus ads are common place. Honestly its a little jarring to see an ad not referencing the virus or pandemic. However, A lot of companies have gotten slack for “opportunistic” advertising.

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Is It Tacky To Still Be Advertising?

  • In: Business Marketing, Design Trends, WFH

As brands are pulling there “non-essential” spending, many are wondering if their advertising budget should be cut as well. What do the customers want?

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What’s New With DOOH?

  • In: Digital Marketing

DOOH stands for “Digital Out-Of-Home” (or digital signage) and this is what you want to spend your marketing dollars on if you’re looking to reach consumers while they are “on the go;” such as in transit, in commercial locations or in waiting areas.

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