How to increase your adaptability

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If this year has taught us anything it’s that being to react well to inevitability of change is a must-have trait. In venture investor Natalie Fratto’s TED Talk on adaptability, she focused on how we can work on a becoming more adaptable in the workplace.

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Recession Proof Your Business?

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What are three things you can do to recession proof your business? Here is the advice that companies who survived the 2008 recession had to give.

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Print’s not dead, right?

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Not only is direct mail still a viable marketing strategy, it could actually provide your company with an opportunity to stand out amidst all of the competition we now find online. While it shouldn’t be your company’s sole tool, it can act in a complementary role in terms of accessing your customers at the right time with a relevant message. While digitization has forced the newspaper and magazine industries to downsize and adapt, companies are still finding benefits from mailing their customers directly.

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Be Adaptable.

  • In: Digital Marketing, Weekly Vibes

In these unprecedented times, the future may seem uncertain: especially for small businesses. However, we are also in a time where many brands are already positioned to weather this storm. Most businesses have shifted to digital or direct mail marketing. Now more than ever, that is where the people are: at home or on their devices. So now, the most important thing you can do is to stay calm and think strategically.

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