Location-Based Visitor Identification Data & Analytics

Want A List of Your Competitor’s Best Customers?

Look no further than SpotX!

SpotX uses geofencing to create location-based audiences, ready for you to target! You can start with a specific location visited, a favorite brand or even a category.

SpotX - Location Based Visitor Identification

Know exactly what types of customers your competitors attract.

Get their contact information, demographics and more so you can learn more about them & understand why they became a customer initially.

Discover any potential unmet needs they may have

Market to them directly via email, traditional mail, social media and/or digital advertising, promoting your business & ability to meet those needs.

SpotX - Omnichannel, Multichannel Marketing

Lastly…enjoy your new customer and continue to deliver and overdeliver to them on a regular basis.

Get to know your competitors customers with SpotX!