New Parents

With the birth of a child begins a trail of purchases from formula to daycare services. Parents with newborns become one of the largest spending segments available often outspending childless couples two to one. This is even more accurate in today’s market as most first birth couples have access to dual incomes.

First Direct’s New Parent Prenatal and Postnatal is compiled from more then 50 sources at the rate of approximatively 60,000 new names each week.

Parents are beginning a new lifestyle which requires photography, furniture, home improvement, and often, new recreational choices. First Direct’s New Parent Database offers tremendous sales opportunities for your business.

The frequent updates make it one of the freshest lists available with over 60,000 new names every week. Monthly hotlines also are available.

Suggested Applications:

    • Small business

– Locate new parents in the ZIP Codes you serve. The geographic depth of our New Parents Database allows small-business marketers to locate prospects in their neighborhood.

    • Financial

– Parenthood often sparks renewed interest in financial security and planning. Get in touch with families that may have new savings, insurance and investment needs.

    • Retail

– First-time parents need baby furniture and items such as car seats and strollers. Selecting first-birth families allows you to reach parents with notices of sales, discounts and special offers — and increase store traffic.

    • Catalog

– New parents have more to do and less time to do it. They are prime candidates for catalogs featuring infant furniture, clothes, toys, books and decorating items.

    • Health care/ Pharmaceuticals

– Because our database includes families with children up to age 3, it’s a good source of prospects for manufacturers of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals designed for infants and young children.

    • Consumer packaged goods

– Coupons and product samples introduce new parents to baby-related packaged goods they may not have shopped for — until now. Prenatal selects allow you to reach families early and begin building brand awareness and loyalty.

    • Publishing

– Our prenatal and postnatal segmentation options help you target prospects for children’s books and publications related to parenting.

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