LocateID and The Right List

Want a List of Your Competitor’s Best Customers?

Put Yourself in Control of Your Marketing with The Right List and LocateID!

What is LocateID?

Location-Based Visitor Identification Data & Analytics

LocateID allows you to get to know your ideal customer based on the locations they visit and the purchases they make, putting you in the driver’s seat of your marketing campaigns.

How Does LocateID Work?


It all starts with “movement data”…

  • 90,000+ IOS & Android apps in the marketplace that use or request location-service permissions
  • Apps like CNN, Weather Channel, & Waze
  • If the app is defaulted to location services or it’s running in the background, we get “movement data”
  • No compliance issues as it does not relay or use cell service data
  • The little #NerdMagic is what makes LocateID special, and how we do identity resolution

What is possible?

  1. Create location-based audiences based on visits to a specific place, brand or category
  2. Attribute advertising performance by knowing which campaigns drive traffic in-store
  3. Run conquesting campaigns to data sets that visit competitors’ stores

Put LocateID into action!

  • Create real-time location-based audiences based on their visit to your competitor
  • Use the file delivered to you to run social media ads or digital display
  • Mail the consumer a postcard after their visit to your competitor
  • The possibilities are truly endless…

Ninja Marketing Skills You Didn’t Know You Had…

With a little “nerd magic” and “techno-babble” you can stay one-step ahead of your competitors!