Digital New Movers

How It Works

Reaching new movers is offered on a subscription basis; 3, 6 and 12 months. The first step is selecting which zipcodes, cities and or states you would like to reach. Next you decide how many impressions you wish to get and decide if you would like to reach people before they move, Excrow and/or people after they have moved. Then let your ads do the rest.

The Power of Digital New Movers

Because these people are in a new area, they will be actively seeking for new places to shop, eat and play at. In other words, they are looking for new places to spend money at. They are more than likely getting settled into their new living space. New mover data updates two times a day and connects advertisers to consumers within hours instead of weeks. With Digital New Movers being in a programmatic environment, you are able to sit back and continue to reach new movers the second the data becomes available.

What is the Goal of Digital New Movers?

In a recent study, 450,000 people move every week in the United States. You have a 30-day window before and after the move to reach them before most purchase decisions are made. On average, a household will spend $8,700 in this window. Once a customer spends with you once, they are 90% more likely to keep coming back to you. The ultimate goal with this program is to target people who are moving or have just moved into their new home with digial ads. This may include serving banners, interstitials and videos in almost real-time on their laptops, desktops and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.