Custom Solutions

Since our beginning, First Direct’s mission has been to provide “Marketing Solutions That Fit!” by being a leader in providing Mailing Lists, Data Processing Services, and Direct Marketing Solutions to ensure our clients’ success.

Custom Solutions with thousands of lists and processing solutions available, we pride ourselves on being a reliable resource for our clients, providing solutions that exceed their marketing expectations. We will not only provide you with the right list or service, we stand behind our product.

Our expertise and industry experience provides you with more than just a list of names.

First Direct takes pride in the fact that we are a responsive, flexible, one-stop shop. We enable you to identify qualified prospects who share the same characteristics as your customers. We do this by helping you prepare and enhance your customer data, and help you understand what makes each customer unique.

In a business environment that is constantly changing, we continue to adapt and evolve with new products and services such as our automated list counts and order processing at, while still maintaining the personalized service you deserve.

Give First Direct a call at 866.363.9575. We’re ready to put our experience to work for you.