What’s Working in Marketing- 2020?

  • In: Business Marketing, Design Trends, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing

Nine months into 2020, it is safe to say, this year has had a lot of surprises. So, what has working in marketing this year? Here is what we have found:

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What’s Your Customer Journey?

  • In: Business, Business Marketing, Digital Marketing

What is a customer journey? The customer journey is the order of all of your customers interactions and experiences with your company and brand.

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Is It Tacky To Still Be Advertising?

  • In: Business Marketing, Design Trends, WFH

As brands are pulling there “non-essential” spending, many are wondering if their advertising budget should be cut as well. What do the customers want?

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Has Customer Communication Changed?

  • In: Business, Business Marketing

What can you do to keep in contact with your customers now that digital communication is the only form of communication? Building relationships with customers is key. No matter what the world around us looks like, people still need to do business.

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New Movers – Are you missing them?

  • In: Business Marketing, Data Trends

New Mover data from First Direct provides you with truly the most comprehensive, multi-sourced New Mover file available! Updated daily and thoroughly validated our New Movers data is sourced from both transactional and self-reported new movers and are available with numerous selects.

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5 Ways To Win Loyalty and Attract Customers

  • In: Business Marketing

In today’s world, if you don’t already know what people want, and give it to them when they want it… somebody else gets the dollars.

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