April 13, 2020

Can You Help Your Customers?

What can you do to help cut through all the noise that consumers are dealing with now? Get personal. Think about your costumers as people. What can you do to help them?

Here’s Three Things:

Think about core demographics. Using data on households can make it easier to identify who needs your help.

Focus on the where. With everyone being sequestered at home, understanding far away your customers are from you can make it easier to help them efficiently.

Don’t forget to focus on channels that your customers will actually have access to now. Phone, email, and direct mail are key.

About Skyler Schreck

Skyler is a Marketing Assistant at First Direct. Prior to First Direct, she worked as a freelance graphic designer. Content creator by day and content consumer by night, Skyler's hobbies include reading, snacking, and binge-watching all available shows.