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14 Jan

Glossary Of Marketing Terms

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The marketing industry is full of terms and acronyms that can feel like an entirely different language. We want to help decode all that jargon!

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23 Feb

What do you need to have a successful podcast?

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Podcast featured

There’s a lot of fears people have about starting a podcast; Here’s some things you can do to create a successful podcast!

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16 Feb

The Best Social Media Platform For You

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Best Social Media for you

There are so. many. social media platforms available. Each have their own flavor and specialty. It can be overwhelming to figure what platforms are the best fit for you and your company.

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10 Feb

Should You Repurpose Content?

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Repurpose content

Recycling or repurposing content has a lot more advantages than just saving time! Here’s four we’ve found.

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02 Feb

Let’s Talk First Party Data

  • In: Data Trends,Social Media
First Party Data

We talk about First Party Data a lot. What it is?   First party data is data that your company has collected directly from your audience which is made up of customers, site visitors, and social media followers. “First party” refers to the party that collected the data firsthand.   First Party Data is collected from the people you have […]

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26 Jan

Are You Scared of Live Streaming?

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Live Streaming

Did you know? 92% of marketers who use any type of video say that using live video is an important part of their marketing strategies.
With so many marketing professionals valuing live video, it really makes you wonder: Why all the hype?

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19 Jan

What You Need To Know About SaaS

  • In: Business Marketing,Digital Marketing

SaaS stands for software as a service and is sometimes known as “cloud-based software.” In the past few years, the Saas industry has exploded and has become the default type of software for most business technology. SaaS is differentiated from other cloud-based technology because it’s focus in entirely on products for business.

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12 Jan

The WhatsApp Privacy Controversy

  • In: Digital Marketing,Social Media

At the beginning of this week, WhatsApp updated their privacy policy, and it sparked a lot of controversy over advertising vs privacy rights.

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11 Jan

The Instagram Algorithm – 2021

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Instagram featured

The Instagram algorithm is the bane of some people’s existence. And yes, it is confusing since they moved from a chronological feed. It’s important to know how to best leverage the Instagram algorithm to make sure your content is being seen!

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06 Jan

3 Things To Expect On Social Media In 2021

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Social Media 2021

In the past couple years, one platform after another has adapted a “stories” feature. LinkedIn, Spotify, and Twitter all added stories features in 2020.

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