What’s New With DOOH?

  • In: Digital Marketing

DOOH stands for “Digital Out-Of-Home” (or digital signage) and this is what you want to spend your marketing dollars on if you’re looking to reach consumers while they are “on the go;” such as in transit, in commercial locations or in waiting areas.

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Why is Everyone Talking about CCPA?

  • In: Data Trends

As a company who leverages data to help your business grow, we want to let you know that we are taking action to make sure First Direct stays compliant with any privacy laws that come into effect.

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How Do You Increase Email Engagement by 20%?

  • In: Direct Marketing

Did you know that when you use animated GIFs within your email content, your click-through rates could increase by more than 20%?

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Google Made Updates to Algorithms – did your rankings drop?

  • In: SEO

Every time Google releases a core update, it’s no surprise that businesses tend to suffer in some way or another. With this latest round of algorithm updates, it seems that the biggest complaint from businesses is the drop in their search rankings. There is a silver lining to be thought of here however

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