November 3, 2020

4 Ways To Shorten The Path To Purchase

Shorten The Path To Digital Purchases

Holiday shopping looks a little different this year. Many brands are focusing on e-commerce. 90% of consumers are saying they are going to shop online this year. What can you do to raise the bar and make it easier for consumers to buy from you?

Here are four things that can help you provide instant value.

#1. Personalization. Personalization is one of the main ways to stand out in digital channels. Case in point: Personalized ads have a 92% higher conversion rate over non personalized native ads.

#2. Be helpful. 71% of consumers say that convenient and easy online shopping options will impact where they decide to purchase from. Therefore, brands this holiday season need to provide a helpful and engaging experience throughout the entire path to purchase.

#3. Be creative. Media consumption is at an all-time high. Brands need to be creative in order to break into a saturated online experience. Audiences need to be encouraged through interesting ways to explore and interact with a brand. Using innovate tech and creative ideas such as utilized AR or VR, will push engagement. 67% of consumers are more likely to remember the brand sponsoring the content that uses innovative tech.

#4. Have quality creative. 73% of consumers tune out ads that they feel are low quality or look like clickbait. Often consumers don’t want to interact with content they see as low quality even if it’s relevant. On the flip side, higher quality visuals catch attention. Combining quality visuals with personalized creative boosts revenue and shortens pipelines.

What are you doing different to market this holiday season?

About Skyler Schreck

Skyler is a Marketing Assistant at First Direct. Prior to First Direct, she worked as a graphic designer. Content creator by day and content consumer by night, Skyler's hobbies include reading, snacking, and binge-watching all available shows.